Sunday, March 2, 2008

Who has the authority in your house?

I have seen it too many times … children who disregard their parents authority. They do not obey the first time, they show disregard for their parents authority and in worst cases, they are out of control. What happened? How did it get this way? In many cases, I believe that the parents have given their authority away to the kids. This leads us to Passionate Legacy Principle #2:

Accept your right and responsibility to train your children. The parents have been given the responsibility to train, care and provide for a household. With that comes the authority to determine and enforce the principles that will be lived out in the home. Be confident in your authority. Parents should not feel guilty for directing or disciplining their children. If your child doesn’t like you once in a while, that’s okay! Don’t make being a buddy such a high priority that you can’t be an effective leader. Deep down, children desire consistent boundaries, they provide security. If children are taught a moral code they have it to come back to if they ever stray, but if the moral code was never taught and enforced, then they have no moral code to return to.

This is the second brick in the foundation of Passionate Legacy, and it is essential if we are to leave a legacy of passion for Christ. Also, remember the first principle: Be a desirable example of godliness so that your children will choose it for themselves. These foundational principles relate to our identity and from this flows our actions in raising strong kids.

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